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"I would draw the distinction between a speculative bubble in prices and prices beyond what fundamentals would justify," Westpac's Brian Hartzer told the parliamentary committee on Wednesday. A bubble isn't occurring in Sydney or Melbourne, where house prices have risen the most, he said. " Glenn Hunt Prices in Melbourne and Sydney have skyrocketed, fuelled by record-low interest rates, increased demand from overseas buyers and tax breaks for property investors. There are increasing risks, but I still believe the answer is no," National Australia Bank's Andrew Thorburn said when asked if houses in Sydney and Melbourne are overpriced. Commonwealth Bank, which is the nation's largest mortgage lender, is seeing "lending at levels we are comfortable with" across Australia, Chief Executive home loan for doctor Oak Laurel Officer Ian Narev told the committee when he testified on Tuesday. The bank chiefs were appearing in front of the committee, set up by the Turnbull government to ward off calls for a more far-reaching royal commissioninto the financial industry, for the second time within six months. The banks have been under pressure after a series of scandals in their insurance and wealth divisions and concern they failed to pass on the full benefits of central bank interest-rate cuts to borrowers. Alex Ellinghausen Ian CBA's Narev said the affordability crisis should be "a matter of national concern." No calamity ANZ Bank CEO Shayne Elliott wasn't directly asked about his views on the housing market when he testified on Tuesday, but speaking before Christmas said that while he was cautious, he wasn't anticipating "a calamity or a disaster." Capital city house prices have grown at their strongest annual rate in almost seven years after interest rate cuts and investor demand lit a fire under property values in Sydney and Melbourne, CoreLogic said last week. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development last week warned of a "rout" in Australian house prices, leading to a new economic downturn, saying both prices and household debt have reached "unprecedented highs". The rapid doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel www.oaklaurel.com.au 0430129662 price growth, at a time of anemic wage increases, has made housing affordability a hot-button political issue. Victoria's state government said on March 5 it will exempt first-time buyers from paying stamp duty on properties worth less than $600,000and plans to introduce a tax on vacant residences. Affordability problems, particularly for young people, "should be a matter of national concern," Commonwealth Bank head Ian Narev told the committee. Job centres Prices in Sydney and Melbourne are rising because that is where jobs are being created and "we do not have long-term infrastructure," said NAB chiefThorburn.